OROCLEAN® Soaking Tray

Soaking tray for the manual reprocessing of dental and medical instruments.

1 litre, 1 piece
1 litre, 1 piece

OROCLEAN® Soaking Tray

The OROCLEAN® soaking tray is used for the manual immersion disinfection and cleaning of instruments and dental impressions. The third generation soaking tray offers more benefits and features than any other soaking tray currently available on the market. The improved soaking tray not only comes with a hinged lid but also with an embedded stainless steel metal plate for attaching a timer. More importantly, the soaking tray simplifies the preparation of the disinfecting solution. It features unique volume markings on the inner sieve that are easily visible from the top.

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Explore OROCLEAN® Soaking Tray's Features and Benefits

Requires minimal space

The compact design of the soaking tray with its hinged lid requires minimal space in your instrument processing room.

Dosing table

The lid is equipped with a dosing table that shows you exactly how much concentrate and water you need for the desired working solution.

Easy attachment of a timer

The recessed metal plate in the lid makes it easy to attach a timer.

Removable sieve

The removable sieve insert allows for easy rinsing of the instruments.

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Packaging Details

Primary Packaging
Item code
Gross weight
0.55082 kg
Net weight
0 kg
Shelf life
60 months
 Secondary Packaging
Quantity per carton
24 pieces
Dimensions (length x width x height)
650 cm x 550 cm x 430 cm
13.2197 kg
Number of layers
Number of boxes per layer
Quantity per pallet
Dimensions (length x width)
One way pallet: 177 cm x 77 cm

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