OROCLEAN® myArtisto MS-3 Dispenser

Soap and hand disinfectant dispenser with push lever. The dispenser features three extra-large windows with interchangeable graphics for customisation.

1 piece
1 piece

OROCLEAN® myArtisto MS-3 Dispenser

The OROCLEAN® myArtisto MS-3 Sanitizer Dispenser is a push-button soap and hand disinfectant dispenser ideal for use in health care settings like hospitals and clinics as well as kitchens and restaurants, day-care centres, fitness gyms, or public buildings. The dispenser features three extra-large windows that allow users to customize the appearance simply by replacing the graphics. The sanitizer dispenser is compatible with alcohol-based hand disinfectants, hand sanitizers, liquid hand soaps, as well as hand creams. The OROCLEAN® myArtisto MS-3 Sanitizer Dispenser can be effortlessly wall-mounted by using the included double-sided adhesive tape or wall brackets with the corresponding screws and dowels. The unit has a vandal resistant security lock and key. An optional arm/elbow lever is available for use in areas where cross contamination may be of concern.

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Explore OROCLEAN® myArtisto MS-3 Dispenser's Features and Benefits

Replaceable graphics

Three extra-large windows allows you to personalise the appearance by simply replacing the graphics.

Easy to install and refill

Spend less time maintaining your dispenser and more time doing other important things.

High capacity for long-lasting use

Holds up to 1000 ml of liquid, saving you the time and effort of refilling the dispenser frequently.

Versatile compatibility

The dispenser is compatible with hand disinfectants, liquid hand soaps, as well as hand creams.

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Packaging Details

Primary Packaging
Item code
Gross weight
0.75 kg
Net weight
9.5 kg
Shelf life
60 months
 Secondary Packaging
Quantity per carton
12 pieces
Dimensions (length x width x height)
0 cm x 0 cm x 0 cm
9 kg
Number of layers
Number of boxes per layer
Quantity per pallet
Dimensions (length x width)
One way pallet: 177 cm x 77 cm

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